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Eva Harness


In a very straight-forward manner Eva is sticking to her her roots of being the feminine energy. Eva is formed of three straps in the front and complimented with bold colored appliqué florals. This piece of blueberry pie is just as captivating as an actual blueberry pie, just to put it out there.

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Smile for Summer puts all the positive energy into creating fresh twist to accessorising. All the pieces are handmade and we are nothing but proud and delighted to share them with you! Our mission is to show you how fun and wonderful idea of dressing up can be with the versatility of the design, colour and details. With ”quality over quantity” mindset we are working with – each design is limited, therefore, if you feel like you have connected with a piece on an emotional level, we warmly advise you to grab it while you can.
Spreading smiles one harness at a time!

About me:

Trim 100% polyester metallic yarn
Satin ribbon 100% polyester

Care label:

Wipe clean only

Keep away from fire

This is not a safety body harness