In today’s day and age occasionally we find it challenging to squeeze out a lighthearted smile for no apparent reason. With this being one of the cases by creating Smile for Summer Domi, the Creative Director, wanted to assemble her vision as a contribution for making the world a better place with one florally embellished harness at a time.

The first collection as it is a very personal project finally blossoming from a fruitful soil is a considerate contribution to some of Domi’s friends that have been a part of this totally exhilarating and undoubtedly overwhelming and emotionally rich roller-coaster. Either it has been by dedicating a genuine emotional support to her through this process of creating the brand or by being in her life through some invaluable journeys of her life or simply working as an inspiration of a woman in variety of ways that a woman can be.

There isn’t just a ” the housewife” or “the Boss” as a type of a woman. There is the quirky one who doesn’t mind laughing at herself, the sweet one who always lends a helping hand, the always uncertain and undeceive one along with the adventure-seeking adrenaline junkie amongst many more. Aren’t women such wonderfully amusing beings? Since they truly are, hands-down, Smile For Summer harnesses are individually representing these detailed aspects of personalities of women in a way that makes them authentic.

In order to make these pieces as exotic and playfully enchanting as they are Domi voyaged through travel zones visiting the mysteriously captivating grounds of United Arab Emirates and culturally rich lands of India to hand-source just the right kind of materials and patterns that would bring out the character of her designs and eventually the very special wearer.

Designs were born right here – in the very eclectic United Kingdom and handmade in Slovakia which is the motherland of Domi. With this experience you can see how well-travelled these special harnesses are. Jetlag surely is not an issue. One thanks that can’t be left unsaid is what made this accessory of joy and smiles come to life. This thanks goes to Sophia Amoruso who’s book Girlboss gave Domi that very necessary final push of confidence for creating something that now can be shared with each and every one of you our dear, beautiful souls.

Off the record though, who knew that following your passion and first-time creating your business is going to feel like moving heaven and earth? Is it worth it? Every single break of sweat! Why? Because Smile For Summer was so eager to be shared and now is proudly giving the world another way more on how to flaunt your personality with that assertively cute edge. Nothing but good vibes here.